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Blue Skies

Fun Facts
About Me

I interviewed Fabio

I was a cub reporter. He was the guy who graced a thousand romance novels. He was hawking cologne at the local mall. I was looking for a B1 story.  

image (1)_edited.jpg

One year, I spent 30 nights in a tent. 

My family set a goal to spend an entire month camping. We made it. (But to be clear: It wasn't 30 nights in a row.) 


If you need me on Kentucky Derby weekend, I'll be in a hat.

That's how we roll in Louisville. 

oaks day.jpg

The Chicago Sun-Times said I have "impeccable comic timing." 

How often do you think I can bring up something like that? 

The answer is: A LOT. 

churchill downs.jpg

When I joined the Louisville mayor's team in 2011, we were one of the first cities to be serious about social media.

We were great at it! Look at us, using a selfie stick, back in the day! 

Mayor's office selfie stick.jpg

I once stood at Obama's podium. 

This was a redletter month when the mayor's office played host to both Obama and then-Prince Charles. Sadly, the podium photo is blurry!

obama podium_edited.jpg
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