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I work with a roster of about 10 clients in the public and private sectors - including government, nonprofit, small business, and corporate organizations.

My clients are based in five states and have diverse needs and goals. They have one thing in common - a need for fresh, original content and insightful advice when it comes to communications planning and messaging. 

My Story

I've worked as a journalist, a novelist, a speechwriter, and as a public relations professional. 

As a journalist, I learned the need for strong research skills, attention to accuracy, and deadline sensitivity. 

As a novelist, I learned how pacing, stakes, and tone are vital to any story. 

As a speechwriter who has written for elected officials on the federal, state, and local levels, I learned how to write in the voice of my clients. 

And as a public relations professional, I've learned that the first step is really listening to your client - understanding their needs and goals. 

Learn more about my client work here. And get some fun facts about me here

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