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Hi, I'm Beverly Bartlett. I help organizations tell stories, build relationships, and keep key audiences informed.  

Can I help you?

Do you know your audiences?

Do you have clear messaging?

Are you struggling to produce regular and timely quality content?

I'm here to help. 

My Services

Communications Strategy

Too many organizations have never developed a strategic communications plan. A good plan will make your communications efforts more efficient and effective. I've developed plans for nonprofits and corporations that unify and organize their storytelling efforts. 

Content Creation

Now more than ever, organizations need to "be their own publishers." That ensures your message gets to the wider world. I'm an award-winning content creator and have written everything from tweets, to a speech delivered at the White House, to annual reports, to published novels. 

Let's Talk

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

James Hume

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